How to put on a silk duvet cover

If you find yourself struggling with how to put on a silk duvet cover, don't worry—we've found the simplest method yet. We'll walk you through the easiest way to put on a duvet cover so your freshly-made bed will look just as perfect as if a professional had done it.

Follow These Steps

1. Start by laying your duvet (or insert) over your bed.

2. Next, make sure your duvet cover is turned inside out. Then, lay the duvet cover on top of the duvet — ensuring that all corners line up and that the opening is at the foot of the bed.

3. If your duvet cover has ties or snaps, tie all four corners of the duvet to the cover. 

4. Starting at the foot of the bed, place your hands inside the duvet cover and grab the top corners. Pinch each corner — making sure you have both the insert and the cover — and flip the cover right side out.

5. Keeping each corner of the duvet cover in your hand, lift up and slide the cover down on top of the rest of the insert. Hold the duvet cover and adjust as you go. Once the cover is fully over the insert, tie the bottom ties together (if your cover comes with them).

6. Once done, give your silk duvet bedding cover a good shake and fluff to make sure everything came out correctly.