How to tie a silk robe

If you don’t already have a silk robe at home, you are missing out on one of life’s great comforts! Because you most often wear a silk robe in the privacy of your own home, you are free to pick exactly the style of silk robe that you want. If you want to be warm and cozy, look for a plush silk robe. If you want to look good even while you’re lounging around, choose a long silk robe. Once you start wearing a silk robe, it’ll quickly become a part of your daily routine.

Leave It Open
One of the easiest options for wearing a silk robe is to not bother trying it at all. The sash, sometimes referred to as a Koshihomo or even a himo, can get in the way of the look you’re trying to achieve.
As you walk, the silk robe will fly open, exposing the shirt you have on. A cami top with a pair of skinny jeans can be a fashionable, confident look. The silk robe will simply add a touch of color as well as a vibrant and stylish addition.

Tie it in the Front
Tying your silk kimono robe in the front is considered the traditional option. You’ll want to put the silk robe on so that it hangs loosely. Hold both ends in your hands so that you can ensure that the silk robe falls properly. Wrap the panel in your right hand so that it is snug against your body. Then, wrap the left side over the right side.
Once you’ve got the silk robe wrapped properly, wrap the sash around your waist. The ends should be in the front. Tie a simple bow so that the remains of the sash hang down. If your sash is longer than you’d like, tie a bigger bow so that the loops take away some of the excess lengths.

Tie it in the Back
It’s important to understand that you can tie your silk robe in the back. However, you’re typically wearing a sash, not an obi. An obi is typically a thicker belt worn with a silk robe.

If you do choose to tie it in the back, you’ll want to consider the various decorative knots. Some knots are believed to bring you fortune or luck.

Either way, you’re bound to look good – and looking good is a guaranteed way to boost your confidence.