How to wear a silk blouse with jeans

A silk blouse can be called an everyday wardrobe essential. You can easily pair it with dresses, shorts, classic trousers and jeans. Blouse and Jeans tandem deserve particular attention. There are thousands and more blouses styles and most of them look great with jeans. The following outfit ideas are great for women who want to underline their femininity, as well as keep things simple. Take a close-up look and find your favorite combinations.


For the ultimate day-to-night ensemble, look no further than a classic white shirt with denim jeans. Whether it’s skinny jeans or a boyfriend cut, styling with heels will always give a sophisticated edge. Our favorite is the CLASSIC SILK SHIRT or the SLIM SHIRT in White. Keep your shirt neatly tucked in with a tailored blazer or jacket for your polished 9-5 attire. When it’s time to clock off, untuck for a relaxed look, transitioning you effortlessly for dinner with the girls.


To form a casual weekend look, you can wear a white silk button-up blouse that comes with some fancy silver buttons. Pair the blouse with light blue skinny jeans and a pair of red open-toe strappy heels to look simple and lean.


Here is a very interesting and creative outfit. To form this look, you can wear a purple silk blouse and layer a black leather and faux fur vest over it. For the rest of the outfit, wear a pair of light blue floral embroidered cropped jeans and blue loafers to look unique and stylish.


To form a refreshing and elegant business casual look, here is an outfit that is pretty easy to pull off that you should try. For the top, simply wear a white silk blouse with a silver statement necklace. Pair them with black skinny cuffed jeans and a pair of black ankle-strap open-toe heels.