Is a comforter better than a duvet?

This is a tricky question for many reasons but to be as objective as possible, here are some aspects to factor in. 

In terms of price and maintenance, duvets are more economical. Aside from the duvet cover, there is nothing else to pay for after. Aside from that, duvets can be bought ala carte. But comforters which come in sets, may not be cost-friendly when it tears or it bunches because you will have to buy an entire set again. So in terms of practicality, we go for duvets. 

In terms of warmth, duvets are warmer than comforters on their own. Comforters, on the other hand, may still need additional reinforcements like blankets, quilts, and other sheets. However, comforters have greater bed coverage than duvets. But since we are talking about warmth here, again our vote goes to duvets. 

The last thing to factor in would be to ease of use and cleaning. Both duvet and comforters are easy to lay down but comforters need more sheets on top of it and the duvet just needs a duvet cover. Both also need thorough cleaning but since duvet covers can be detachable, duvets are easier to maintain. 

With all things considered, duvets are better than comforters.