Why is silk good for children?

Silk naturally keeps moisture where it needs to be, on your child's cheeks and hair, preventing dry skin and tangled hair, even after many hours of sleep. Your baby will love its softness. Prevents overheating, as silk has the natural benefit of keeping skin cool when it's hot and warm when it's cool.

Why choose RealSilkLife?

We are committed to using organic, natural and non-toxic materials and have been certified by OEKO-Tex 100 standard. We can not only provide you with high quality silk products, but also offer you a preferential price. Because our products are factory-made and the cost is lower, choosing us will let you enjoy a high-quality and low-price shopping experience. We only choose long fibers so that the silk is durable and resistant.

What is the best gift for your children?

According to Heather Marianna, beauty expert and founder of Beauty Kitchen, silk pillowcases can help people with acne because silk pillowcase causes less friction on the face at night than cotton. “Due to the softness of its fabric, it soothes even the most sensitive skin,” by Marianna.