What are some best qualities fabrics for T-shirt?

You are going to wear the shirt for hours. It is a smart move to buy a shirt made with some of the finest fabrics around. When you go with the best, then you feel good about yourself and you can go to your next appointment or event with lots of confidence.

To learn more about the best fabric for your next shirt, just continue reading our article. It has the information you need to help yourself feel ready to face the world as well as have you look your best.


Cotton is well suited for use in both knitted and woven shirt styles. This fiber is so popular with designers and the buying public because of its versatility, affordability, softness, and widespread availability. People consider it one of the best fabrics for shirts largely because it is one of the most comfortable and breathable fibers to wear right next to the skin.


There are a lot of t-shirts that are made with linen. It comes from the flax plant, and the weave is textured. It's such a popular choice for summer clothing because of its breathability and its lightweight properties. The linen is also moisture-wicking and dries quickly. Although it’s a great summer material, it can easily wrinkle.


Another common fabric used for t-shirts is Polyester. Polyester is synthetic and includes fabrics like nylon, acetate, and acrylic. It is durable, drying fast after a wash. It's also flexible, cost-effective, can potentially be recycled, and can blend with cotton. Along with these positive attributes some negative effects, unfortunately. Polyester doesn't break down quickly, doesn't breathe easily, and it can release plastic microfibers when it's being washed which in turn causes water pollution.


Silk is a natural protein fiber that comes from the cocoons of silkworms. Because of its soft feel, excellent drape, breathability and gorgeous appearance, silk is one of the best fabrics for making luxurious dress shirts and exquisite blouses. Fashion designers also incorporate silk into t-shirts, athletic shirts, and other shirt styles to a lesser degree.

The best T-shirt fabrics tend to be woven of soft, breathable fibers such as cotton, silk, linen or rayon. The softness is a particularly important quality because a t-shirt will be in direct contact with the wearer’s skin. Silk is the most popular fiber for T-shirts.