What silk items of clothing do you have?

Once reserved exclusively for the royal class in China, silk has become a coveted luxury fabric across the globe. While there’s no arguing silk’s luxury status, there are some lesser-acknowledged benefits of including silk in your wardrobe (and linen closet). Silk is a natural textile that is biodegradable, requires fewer chemicals in the dying process (thanks to the protein structure of silk thread), is naturally antibacterial, and lasts for decades with proper care. As we research, here are the top 3 silk clothing people possess in daily life.

Silk nightgown

Looking to up your game for your next home movie night? Silk nightgowns are not only a major step up from your typical mismatched sleepwears, but can also regulate your body temperature,  during crisper months and cooler during warmer months

Silk robe

Nothing feels more satisfying than emerging from a hot steamy shower to drape yourself in a buttery soft silk robe. On top of the incredible texture, having silk in direct contact with your skin can help soothe eczema and other mild irritations due to its antibacterial nature and smooth texture.

Silk classic dress

This one is a variation of our robe recommendation and is essentially a silk robe that's acceptable to attend a dinner party in. For all the same reasons (antibacterial, breathable, long-lasting), a silk wrap dress is a staple in any wardrobe.