What type of bras do you wear?

Bras have gone through a hell of evolution since their invention. We’ve put together a guide of 10 bra types, silk bra styles. Let’s start and explore them.
1. Bralette
Bralettes are a bra style without wires or molded cups and with straps that can be thin or lacy. While they are great for coverage and comfort, the simplicity of this type of bra means it doesn’t offer much when it comes to supporting.
2. Strapless Bra
Strapless bras support breasts with an underwire and with help from either silicone or rubber lining to prevent slippage. Most also have molded cups to help keep their shape.
3.T-Shirt Bra
A t-shirt bra is a type of bra that’s all about comfort. This style is usually seamless with molded cups so as to create a smooth silhouette under your tees.
4.Racerback Bra
Racerback bras have a central strap or two crisscrossing straps that form the shape of a Y or V between the shoulder blades. This style is meant to boost support and distribute the weight more evenly along your shoulders and back.
5. Wireless Bra
Wireless bras can be found in all different bra types and styles. If you don’t like the feeling of a wire and don’t need the kind of support a wire offers, wireless bras are a great way to go. 
6. Silk Sports Bra
A sports bra is designed to minimize breast movement during physical activity. They offer different levels of support and compression (light, medium, and high impact) depending on the intensity of physical activity. If you’re running, you’ll definitely want a high-impact sports bra. Light and medium impact sports bras are better for activities like yoga and barre (where not a lot of bouncing is involved).
7. Silk Push Up Bra
Push-up bras give your girls a boost using angled cups and padding, pushing them inwards and upwards.
8. Silk Plunge Bra
Plunge bra styles have cups that are super low in the center, with a deep V-neckline and the cups are designed to enhance your cleavage in a natural-looking way. 9. Silk Full Coverage Bras
Above all else, full coverage bras are about support and comfort which makes them a great choice for bigger breasts that naturally need the extra coverage. They usually have a sturdy underwire and more curve-hugging fabric. That doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive as well. You can have it all with the right full coverage bra.
10. Padded Bra
A padded bra is a type of bra with cups that have padding or pockets for padding. Any type of bra can be a padded bra, from your typical everyday bra style to sports bras. Data from our Fit Quiz revealed that most women prefer lightly lined (45%) or unlined pads (25%).