Where to get silk pajamas

If you've become a loungewear convert as of late, hear me out: switch out your sweats with a set of silk pajamas. Not only are they lighter than a cotton sweatsuit, but they'll make you feel fancy no matter the occasion (even if that occasion is bedtime).

Silk pajama set provide a lot of benefits compared to other fabrics: most are temp-regulating, hypoallergenic, silky soft, and they simply just make you feel good. Plus, pajamas aren't just for sleeping these days: a button-down pajama top, elegant nightgown, or silky wide-leg trousers can easily be styled for a daytime look or a sultry evening out.

Whether you're shopping for some best silk pajamas for sleeping, lounging, going out, or working from home (we won't tell), we've put in the work to find the best options.