Which fabric is more comfortable for a night dress ?

When it comes to picking out a nightdress, there is a lot that one needs to consider. Am I trying to stay warm or keep cool? Pawprints or kitty fabric? Something that is often overlooked is how the fabric of your sleepwear can affect your skin while you sleep. If you are going to wear these dresses eight hours a night, you are going to want something that lets both you and your skin sleep soundly and comfortably all night long. So, what fabric should you choose to make sure your skin is living its best life? Well, that depends on you. No two people have the same skin, which means that everyone's skincare journey is different. Read on to learn about the most popular fabrics used in sleepwear and which is best for your skin.

Cotton: Cotton fabric is naturally lightweight, breathable and soft to touch, meaning it doesn’t tend to irritate the skin. However, cotton does a poor job of insulating which may make you feel cold during the winter months without a thick blanket. Its breathable qualities can be great to keep you cool in warmer months, however, cotton can often be inefficient at wicking away moisture, so if you are prone to night sweats, this likely won’t be the most comfortable material for you.

Linen: Linen is a lightweight yet durable choice for pyjamas which is why it’s known for being a staple material for summer. Linen allows for optimum breathability and it has been said that you perspire up to 1.5 times less than when wearing cotton. However, over on the cons side is that linen has a tendency to crease and crinkle, and it can also stain very easily.

Silk: Gentle to the skin, dry skin and hair won’t be snagged or irritated by this sleek, smooth material. Silk is also a thermoregulating fabric, meaning it can keep you cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re cold. Whether you choose to wear silk pyjamas, a silk nightdress or a silk dressing gown, paired with silk or cotton bed sheets, this material provides great health benefits and the ideal sleeping environment. Many people often find that silk is the fabric that is ‘just right for them.

Silk is a very versatile fabric and can be perfect for a range of nightdresses due to its temperature regulating qualities that make it ideal for year-round use. The natural protein fibres of the material make it ‘silky’ smooth to the touch. These natural properties hardly make it surprising that silk nightdresses are a popular choice to wear to bed. If you wish to remain comfortable and have the option of a nightdress that is great for all seasons, choose silk.