Which fabric is the best for nightwear?

We spend at least 5 – 6 hours a day sleeping every day. Therefore, you need to select the best material for pajamas, so you can feel comfortable with your pajamas. When you look at the market, you can find many different types of materials that are available today. 

Different materials will give a different experience for all users. In this article, we are going to break down several types of pajamas materials that you can choose for improving your sleeping experience. 


Similar to silk, linen is considered a luxury fabric when it comes to pajamas. Linen pajamas are often well worth the extra expense, however, because of their soft feel and breathability. Dishing out a little more on high-quality linen pajamas can be considered an investment though, as the durable fabric can last several years without losing its best qualities. One issue with linen as a pajama fabric is that it wrinkles easily. If you don't mind a more rumpled look when you get out of bed, linen is a great choice for you. Otherwise, get ready to whip out your iron every once in a while to restore your pajamas to their former glory.

Flannel pajamas

Cozy flannel is synonymous with wintertime. Enjoy the warm and thick fabric in pajamas form for a sleep that requires an extra layer. We recommend colder temperatures when all you really want to do is curl up under a big comforter and get a good, deep sleep. Flannel pajamas are also great for lounging around the house and sipping hot cocoa by the fire; pair them with matching and slippers for a full holiday ensemble. Flannel pajamas make for great gifts around the holiday season, and they are the perfect option for the whole family from adults to kids. Want to really impress the crew this year? Get for the whole family and pose for a Christmas picture. You’ll be sure to get a few laughs and make a lasting memory!


Cotton is a super soft material that has been used for generations, and for good reason! This fabric is great for all skin types because its natural fibers make it both hypoallergenic and extremely breathable. In addition, it is durable and easy to wash, making it a good option for kids as well. One downside to this incredibly versatile fabric is that it does not insulate well. If you choose cotton pajamas but tend to get chilly at night, throw an extra blanket or two on the bed before you tuck in for the evening. If you dont mind, cotton is a good choice for pajamas.


Being a hypoallergenic fabric, silk pajamas resist allergens such as mold and fungus to an extent that it's cotton and flannel competitors cannot. This also means that any skin irritation from clothing is diminished when wearing silk, and in turn, can even give it the essence of a healthy glow. The fibers in the material itself are incredibly moisturizing to the skin as opposed to other popular fabrics such as cotton. Discomfort from fabrics such as cotton can be caused by the fabric being too hot in the summer, and not warming enough in the winter. 

Silk on the other hand is the perfect fabric to balance keeping cool during the summer months, and warm during the winter months. Silk is also good for preventing the effects of aging. As silk doesn’t absorb moisture, it reduces friction between your skin and the bed, therefore causing fewer creases to appear on your skin after sleep than there would be if you sleep in cotton or flannel pajamas.   

Being such a luxurious fabric, silk pajamas are known to help with problems during sleep by ensuring your comfort all night long. The protein in the fabric combines 18 kinds of natural amino acids that are rightfully named ‘the sleep factor.’ These have functions that help with the calming of nerves which in turn can diminish fatigue, whilst improving both sleep quality and sleep depth. This then enables you to go about a full day without feeling tired or sleep-deprived in any way. Therefore, this material is good for making you have a sound sleep. 

Choosing the best pajama materials can be very effective to help you sleep well with your favorite pajamas. If you are ready to buy the best pajamas, you can visit Real Silk Life for looking at all available products here.