Why use a silk pillowcase

The right or wrong sheets can have a bigger effect on you than you realize. That is why you need to invest in high-quality pillowcases, more specifically, pure silk pillowcases. Why you may ask? Well, pure mulberry silk pillowcases have more health and beauty benefits than most people are aware of. To convince you to make the right choice when you go shopping, you should know the silk pillowcase’s benefit.

While studies on silk and its effects on skin and hair are scant, a study published in 2019 in the journal Dermatology Reports found that wearing silk “underclothes” for one month proved effective in treating atopic dermatitis, or eczema, by calming the red, itchy rashes that are characteristic of the condition.

“Inflammatory skin diseases like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis tend to flare up when they encounter rough materials like a cotton pillowcase,” says Dr. Markowitz. “Therefore, using a light material like silk will be especially beneficial for these skin types because it won’t irritate the skin when you’re sleeping.”

Dr. Markowitz also notes that silk may provide an antimicrobial effect.

Antimicrobials have also been found in silk textiles, making a case that people with acne and atopic dermatitis would benefit from a silk pillowcase,” she says. “Antimicrobials are an agent that kills microorganisms like bacteria and is helpful in the healing of comprised skin.”