Jacquard V Neck Cashmere Sweater



• Cashmere sweater | Cashmere sweater women
• V neck
Long sleeves
100% cashmere
The moisture absorption of cashmere determines the moisture absorption of cashmere sweaters. Cashmere sweaters have the strongest water absorption among all textile fibers, and the moisture regains rate is above 15%. If the cashmere sweaters are immersed in water, they will all be wet in a few seconds, while the sweaters need more than half a minute to get wet.

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Hand-wash in warm water, he water temperature should not exceed 30℃.use mild detergent, do not wring out, avoid direct sunlight, dry in a cool place.Do not machine wash.


Hand wash with warm water, he water temperature should not exceed 30℃. choose mild detergent, do not wring out to prevent deformation. Lay flat to dry.Do not machine wash.


The water temperature should not exceed 30℃. Wool is not resistant to alkali, so use neutral detergent for cleaning. After washing, lay flat to dry.Do not machine wash.


How to wash cashmere sweater?

Hand washing is always safer. Fill a sink, tub or basin with warm water, choose a mild detergent or baby shampoo, swirl gently for about 30 seconds, then soak for 30 minutes. Drain the dirty water and rinse with clean, cool water. Press the sweater into a ball and gently remove the moisture.

How do you keep cashmere from pilling?

• Letting your garment rest between wears will give the fibers time to bounce back into place, so that when you wear it again, there's less risk of pilling.

• Washing clothes inside out prevents the surface of the fabric from wearing away due to friction

How To Identify Pure Cashmere ?

One needs a matchstick or lighter, and the Cashmere product needs to be tested. To start the burn test, take a few fringes of your Cashmere scarf and burn them. If the smell is like that of burnt hair, your Cashmere is pure. This is because Cashmere is a natural fibre and will give off a pungent burning smell.

How often should you wash cashmere?

The answer depends on a few factors, including your comfort level, how much you sweat or exert yourself while wearing the item, and whether you wear an undershirt. We recommend wearing your cashmere pieces between five and six times between washes.

How long does 100% cashmere last?

Cashmere products can easily last 10 years and over 200 wears when taken care of properly.