How to choose an eye mask?

Light is one of the key factors affecting sleep. High-quality sleep can only occur in a dark environment. In a bright environment, it will be difficult to fall asleep. Even if you fall asleep, you will be awakened by the light, which will affect the quality of sleep. But sometimes we have to fall asleep in a bright environment, such as on a train, on an airplane, in an office, etc., sleep goggles can help us block the light and protect our sleep.

Benefits of wearing an eye mask?

An eye mask can keep our eyes from light and not be disturbed by light. The stronger the shading properties of the eye mask, the less sleep will be affected by light.

The secretion of melatonin requires a dark environment, bright light will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, eye masks can prevent the eyes from feeling the light, and provide a good environment for the secretion of melatonin.

During travel, a high-quality eye mask can make people ignore the light and fall asleep anytime and anywhere, even in the waiting hall, on the plane, etc., can make people fall asleep without being disturbed by the light.

If your partner and your work and rest time are different, a high-quality eye mask can keep you from being disturbed by your partner's work and rest, and avoid many family conflicts.

How to choose an eye mask?

At present, there are eye masks of various materials and various functions on the market. So, which eye masks are more suitable for wearing while sleeping? To choose a suitable eye mask, you can start from the following aspects:

Shading ability

The shading ability is the most important ability when buying sleep goggles. The eye masks are used to block light. The shading performance of the eye mask mainly depends on the material and design. The worse the material, the worse the shading performance of the eye mask. The sides of the eye mask and the nose are easy to transmit light. An eye mask with strong light shading performance needs to fit closely with the eye sockets and nose.


Whether the eye mask is comfortable to wear is also very important. If you feel uncomfortable wearing the eye mask, it will not only not help you sleep, but will also affect your sleep.

The eye mask you wear should not compress the eyeballs and eyelashes. When you sleep, you will experience rapid eye movement sleep. During the rapid eye movement sleep period, the eyeballs will move rapidly. If the eye mask compresses the eyeballs, it will affect the quality of sleep.

At present, the common eye mask materials on the market mainly include cotton, silk, polyester, etc. Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. For a high-quality eye mask, its material should not only be light-shielding, breathable, but also soft and not hurt the skin, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.


Cotton is a great eye mask material because it's soft, lightweight, and does a great job of blocking unwanted light. Cotton eye masks are also strong, easy to wash, and inexpensive.

The cotton material is also breathable and highly absorbent, which is helpful if you get warm or sweaty during the night. However, this can be a potential downside if any night cream is applied at bedtime - cotton eye masks can absorb the stuff, making it less effective.


Silk is generally considered the best fabric for eye masks. Silk is soft, luxurious and has a good ability to block light. It's also lightweight and gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. However, the maintenance of silk eye masks is troublesome and expensive.


Fiber is relatively durable, lightweight, and inexpensive. It absorbs oils and night creams from the skin. But unlike cotton, the fiber is not hygroscopic and less breathable.

Finding the right eye mask should help you obtain better-quality sleep, so it’s worth some time and effort. By considering your functional needs and your preferences when it comes to materials and contouring, you will be able to find the best eye mask for you.