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Silk Panties
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What are the benefits of the silk panties ?

Because of the unique nature of silk fiber, real silk fabrics will have a pearl-like luster. This intuitive feeling is first of all grace and luxury. Coupled with the soft characteristics of silk, silk underwear looks more self-cultivating but does not appear tight. The most important point is that real silk can be made very thin, and it can be truly traceless from the outside.

Air has a good thermal insulation effect, and the holes in the silk fiber can store a large amount of air, which plays a good role in heat insulation.

Moisture absorption and breathability make many fibers can only achieve one of them. Although our common cotton underwear is highly hygroscopic, it does not wick away perspiration. When sweating, it becomes damp, while the unique structure of silk fiber can achieve moisture absorption. The dual role of wicking and perspiration ensures the dryness of the skin.

The main components of silk are protein and sericin, so it rarely generates static electricity when rubbing against the human body. Moreover, thanks to the natural protein fiber of silk fiber, it has a strong skin care effect and is soft and comfortable, just like the second skin of the human body.

Because silk has strong air permeability and moisture absorption and perspiration, it will leave the body in a relatively dry environment, which is not easy to breed bacteria, and silk also has the effect of killing mites, so underwear made of silk has a good hygienic effect. .

Underwear is an item that is easy to get dirty, so washing is an important criterion for judging whether a pair of underpants is good or bad. Because of the unique porous fiber structure, silk underwear is very easy to wash, and it can be rinsed clean after only a few times of water.

How to choose the style of silk panties ?

Classic silk panties

Classic silk panties, that is, the inverted triangle design, can not only set off your figure and pelvis very well, but also make our curves more perfect and more feminine.

Silk thong panties

When summer comes, many women choose silk thong panties in order to wear thinner bottoms and avoid embarrassment.

Silk boyshorts

The four corners of the silk boyshorts are flush, wrapping the entire buttocks curve to reduce the streak, so it is more comfortable to wear than normal silk panties. Choosing some light-colored silk boyshorts can sometimes be used directly as safety pants in the skirt.

How to wash silk panties ?

The water temperature should not be too high. Because most of the colors of silk fabrics are dyed with acid dyes, too high water temperature will cause serious fading.

Silk underwear is poor in alkali resistance, so weak alkaline detergent, neutral detergent and soap should be used for washing. Coffee, dark gray, black and other dark silk underwear cannot be directly scrubbed with soap, otherwise stains or stains will appear. Silk underwear should not be soaked in the washing liquid for a long time. Generally, the soaking time should be 5-10 minutes, and the longest should not exceed 20 minutes to prevent fading.

When washing, you should rub gently with your hands, and don't use too much force. After rinsing, do not wring out forcefully, but hang it to dry directly. Avoid exposure to the sun, it is best not to wash and spin dry in a washing machine.

How To Identify Real Silk ?

Use a lighter to burn the edge of the silk material. The real silk does not see an open flame, and has the smell of burning hair. The ashes become black granular, which can be crushed by hand. Simulated silk, such as rayon (viscose), has a paper-burning smell when burned, showing a little off-white ash; burning polyester will cause flames and black smoke, and after the fire is extinguished, it will appear as hard and black beads.