Silk Comforter Guide

What are the advantages of silk quilts?

A. The silk itself is a natural protein long fiber. This fiber itself has a layer of sericin protection, no impurities, will not cause static electricity, and also has the advantages of mildew, mite, and mothproof.

B. The silk quilt is light in weight, long in fiber, good in warmth retention, and the air permeability is the best;

C. The warmth retention of silk quilt stays at a constant temperature of the human body. Why is it said that silk is the second skin of the human body? Skin-friendliness is one point, amino acids and other health care are one point. The most important point is that the body temperature is around 37 degrees. During sleep, the body temperature will be adjusted by the body's circadian clock and central nervous system, and some organs will enter a dormant state. At this time, the human body temperature will be decreased by 0.5 to 0.8 degrees, the silk will form a protective layer around the human body, and the silk will also become a barrier for your body to breathe. If the outside temperature is too low, it will lock your body temperature. If the quilt covers the heat for a long time, the silk will release this. Part of the heat goes to the outside world so that the body around it always stays at 37 degrees.

Who is most suitable to use silk quilts?

A. Elderly, frail and sick people have breathing problems during sleep and cannot be covered with heavy quilts;
B. Young children. Real silk can form a protective circle and has a certain degree of energy efficiency in resisting germs;
C. Women who love beauty. Silk is composed of a variety of amino acids, which makes the skin closer to nature during sleep

How to identify silk?

A. Use a lighter to burn. After pure silk is ignited, the ignition point is very low, the flame will be extinguished quickly, and it has no flame retardancy. In addition, when pure silk burns, white smoke will be emitted, accompanied by a burnt smell of protein. The burned ashes are brittle and fragile, and they can be crushed by hand to form a powder, which can be understood as the smell and state of burning hair. After the chemical fiber is burned, it will emit black smoke with a pungent odor. The ashes after burning are black, and the hands are sticky when pinched. This can also be understood as the appearance of plastic burning.

B. Use 84 disinfectants to detect real silk. Pour out a little 84 disinfectant into a container, put a piece of silk, the one that can disappear within a few minutes is the real silk, and the one that cannot be dissolved in the disinfectant is the fake silk because silk is a kind of animal protein fiber and will be dissolved in disinfectant.

Can the silk quilt be washed with water?

The silk quilt is not washable or dry cleaned to avoid shrinkage and rigidity. If it is locally soiled, the cleaning method is similar to that of the cotton quilt. For the soiled part, wipe it with a towel dipped in a neutral detergent, and then dry it in a ventilated place. You also need to wait for the detergent to evaporate before using it. Silk quilts cannot be cleaned. Generally, silk quilts must be covered with a quilt cover. If it is dirty, just wash the quilt cover. The silk quilt can be hung in a cool place to dry for a while, just ventilate.