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Women's Silk Robe
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22 Momme Long Silk Robe For Women-Real Silk Life 22 Momme Long Silk Robe For Women-Real Silk Life
- 14%

22 Momme Long Silk Robe For Women

From $239.00
19 Momme Solid Oversize Silk Robe Black 19 Momme Solid Oversize Silk Robe
- 15%

22 Momme Solid Oversize Silk Robe

From $169.00
19 Momme Women's Lacey Silk Robe Set 19 Momme Women's Lacey Silk Robe Set Blue
- 8%

19 Momme Women's Lacey Silk Robe Set

How do I unwrinkle my silk robe ?

Hang the silk robe on the hanger;

Lightly press the switch button of the smart garment steamer, select the appropriate silk gear after turning on the machine, and be careful not to overheat;

After the machine is heated, put on heat-insulating gloves, gently pull the edges of the clothes, and spray and scald the front chest, back and other large areas of the silk robe without direct contact with the clothes to avoid high temperature damage;

When ironing sleeves, place the nozzle on the cuff to spray high-pressure steam into the hollow part of the sleeve, and it only takes a few seconds to instantly smooth the wrinkles on the sleeve;

The small wrinkles on the neckline are generally difficult to iron. You only need to pull the neckline tightly to spray iron.

What is a silk robe used for ?

A beautiful silk robe can truly be a treasured item in your lingerie wardrobe. The fluidity of silk... the transparency of lace or mesh... that wonderful enveloping feeling as you slip into the silk robe. It's enough to inspire you out of bed in the morning.

Like many items of lingerie, silk robes are both functional and decorative. They serve as both a shield against the elements and a sign of modesty when someone may pop over and you are not yet dressed. A silk robe may accompany a gorgeous set of lingerie for the boudoir, or be worn while getting ready for an evening out. You might want to wear your silk robe while drinking your morning coffee or for peaceful lounging around. silk robes have a certain glamour and mystique.

As an item of lingerie only worn at home, silk robes are entitled to being a bit more expensive and decadent. An amazing silk robe will last you a lifetime, and there is little reason to skimp on the quality. Consider the amount of use and then divide by the price. You will find that a silk robe that seems ridiculously expensive may not cost so much over a lifetime of use.

Silk robes are also one of those great lingerie pieces that fit a variety of body shapes and bust sizes. This means silk robes are truly unique in the world of lingerie, where most items have very specific sizing requirements. If you gain or lose a little weight, your trusty silk robe will still fit !

What is the length of a normal silk robe ?

Silk robes usually come in three lengths: short, mid-calf and long. The length of the silk robe you choose depends entirely on your preferences, but you can also consider investing in several different silk robes for different seasons. When the temperature rises, the short silk robe is the ideal choice, and when the weather gets cold, the long silk robe can provide you with warmth.



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