There’s something so charming about a luxe set of real silk pajamas for women, silk nightgown and silk robe. The ritual of changing into an elegant silk PJ at the day’s end feels calming, like a subtle note to self that it’s time to finally wind down. While there is certainly plenty of pretty cotton and cozy flannel pajamas on the market, it’s sumptuous pure silk PJs that really bring this sentiment home. You can find too some special silk sleepwear collections plus size silk pajamas, custom and monogram silk pajamas here.

Women's Silk Sleepwear
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How To Identify Real Silk ?

Use a lighter to burn the edge of the silk material. The real silk does not see an open flame, and has the smell of burning hair. The ashes become black granular, which can be crushed by hand. Simulated silk, such as rayon (viscose), has a paper-burning smell when burned, showing a little off-white ash; burning polyester will cause flames and black smoke, and after the fire is extinguished, it will appear as hard and black beads.