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Silk Bedding
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19 Momme Silk Flat Sheets 25 Momme Silk Flat Sheet White
- 31%

19 Momme Silk Flat Sheets

From $159.00
22 Momme Silk Flat Sheets 22 Momme Silk Flat Sheets Light Blue
- 50%

22 Momme Silk Flat Sheets

From $209.00
25 Momme Silk Flat Sheet-Real Silk Life 25 Momme Silk Flat Sheet White
- 50%

25 Momme Silk Flat Sheet

From $259.00
19 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet 25 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet Black
- 29%

19 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet

From $169.00
22 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet 22 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet Taupe
- 50%

22 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet

From $219.00
25 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet-Real Silk Life 25 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet White
- 50%

25 Momme Silk Fitted Sheet

From $259.00
19 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs 22 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs Black
- 30%

19 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs

From $389.00
22 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs 22 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs Taupe
- 50%

22 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs

From $499.00
25 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs-Real Silk Life 25 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs Gray
- 50%

25 Momme Silk Sheet Set | 4pcs

From $609.00
Cotton Covered Silk Comforter Cotton Covered Silk Comforter Details

Cotton Covered Silk Comforter

From $179.00
Lace-up Travel Silk Pillowcase 19 Momme Lace-up Travel Silk Pillowcase Blue
- 17%

Lace-up Travel Silk Pillowcase

How to pick the right silk comforter for you ?

Silk is one of the fanciest fabrics and it has a rich history. In fact, historically most significant trade way was named after this fabric. This classy and gorgeous fabric is cozy to wear and bedsheets and silk-made comforters are super comfortable. You might think of getting a new silk comforter. But if you can't decide how to choose a perfect comforter for you then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get a proper guideline on choosing the best silk comforters for you.

Silk Fill Weight

Most silk comforter manufacturers have at least two weights of comforters available; one that is more suitable for summer use and a heavier one more suitable for cooler weather. In climates where the weather gets extremely cold, it is suggested to use the summer weight and heavier weight comforter together to ensure you will be comfy and cozy no matter what the weather is. However, some silk comforter manufacturers do offer an extra warm silk comforter for extremely cold weather use.

As a general rule, summer weight comforters are 4 -5 pounds; fall weight is 6-10 pounds; anything 11 pounds or over is for winter weather.

Don't Forget a Duvet Cover

A silk-filled comforter should always be encased in a removable duvet cover that can be laundered regularly. The covers are available in a vast array of materials from different weaves and grades of silk to ones made of organic cotton to a combination of materials. The choice is up to you, but I recommend a silk cover for the silk comforter. Why skimp on the cover? But if the silk comforter you are buying is for a child, opt for a cotton cover because it is going to stand up to the wear and tear a child will subject it to better than a silk duvet cover will.

Silk is measured by its weight, its “momme” (pronounced “mummy”) weight. The higher the momme weight the heavier the silk and the more durable it is. While you should look for sheets with a momme weight of 12-19, look for a duvet cover that is on the high end of that range or even in the 20s. It will be more durable.

What goes inside of a silk duvet cover ?

In America a silk duvet is a comforter. These two are the same and there is no difference between them. Nonetheless, in order to be a little more precise, the silk duvet cover is the comforter that is Filled with Down or Down alternatives. A down-filled comforter is actually light and warms. It keeps you warm when you sleep. A silk duvet also helps to keep your comforter clean.

The silk duvet is protected by a removable cover. If you add a silk duvet to your bed, it is going to make the chore of making the bed a lot easier. It is actually a single covering rather than a combination of blankets, sheets, bed coverings, and quilts.

What is a silk duvet Cover?

A silk duvet cover is to silk duvet as a pillowcase is to a pillow. A silk duvetcover is what slips over your duvet, serving as a protective layer and the most visible part of your bedding. People opt for silk duvetcovers due to their popularity, though there are many factors to consider prior to making a purchase. silk duvetcovers are machine washable, generally inexpensive, comfortable, and easy to switch out if you get bored of one style.

Tips to Fill silk duvet Covers

The procedure of getting a comforter or silk duvet covers insert in the silk duvet covers is not hard if you take the right step to reach there.  In case you have always had a problem getting their cover. It will take a minute or two for studying the process before you start trying again. Filling one of the silk duvet covers is easy when you know what you have to do and you are going to be thrilled with the clean and crisp results.

To fill the silk duvet cover, you will require silk duvet covers, a silk duvet insert, iron, and a spray bottle. If you have to make sure that the silk duvet insert is of the same size as the silk duvet cover. When you try to staff an oversized comforter into the cover, it is going to result in lumpy and uneven fill which will not look smooth and flat on the bed. This will also make it difficult to get the cover on.  While, on the other hand, an insert that is small will slip and slide inside the cover and corner ties will pull in.

You should have a silk duvet or Comforter sets because it completes your bedding and bedroom. It is a sign of having a luxury bedding set as it gives you a royal living style. 

Are Realsilklife pillowcases silk on both sides ?

Sleeping on silk is said to reduce irritation, wrinkles, and hair frizz — and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make the switch. When you’re shopping for a silk pillowcase on Realsilklife, are you curious about whether the pillowcase is both sides? We have roundups on the purple both side pillowcase below.

19 Momme Both Sides In Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The structure of silk is close to human skin, so its friction coefficient is close to zero. It is porous and breathable fiber and can be used in all seasons. The threads are tight and even. The hidden zipper is easy to be pulled smoothly, which makes the appearance more three-dimensional. We strictly control every step from raw materials to final products to offer you high-quality pillowcases.

25 Momme Both Sides In Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Pillowcases are one of the most overlooked items for beauty. Many delicate girls use expensive skincare products while sleeping on cheap pillowcases which may rub their facial skin and cause wrinkles. The worst thing is, those coarse pillowcases will absorb your expensive skincare products. People spend a third of their lives sleeping. Squeezing and rubbing the skin on pillowcases for years is a part of the reasons for wrinkles. Therefore, silk pillowcases with low friction and low absorption can not only bring you sweet sleep but relieve wrinkles, moisturize skin, nourish, and protect hair. Having it means the best sleep experience possible.

22 Momme Both Sides In Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Sleep on the silk pillowcase, to be a beauty day by day. Protein silk moisturizes your skin, which makes you bid farewell to autumn and winter’s dryness, keeps your skin hydrated, and is delicate all the time. It can reduce the friction on the skin to delay the formation of wrinkles. Use it, to witness the feeling of frozen youth. Lying on a silk pillowcase is the key to beauty. Wake up with no indentation on your face, fresh and fluffy hair, you always look gorgeous.



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