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Women's Silk Pants
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Silk Pants Black Cropped Trousers Silk Pants Cropped Trousers
- 40%

Silk Pants Black Cropped Trousers

Silk Pants Loose Wide-Leg Pants Black Silk Pants Loose Wide-Leg Pants
- 38%

Silk Pants Loose Wide-Leg Pants

How to clean silk pants ?

· If there are dry cleaning conditions, choose dry cleaning as much as possible. If there is no dry cleaning conditions, you can wash by hand carefully.

· Wash by yourself: Put a special pure silk detergent in cold water, mix the detergent in the water with your hands first, and then put it in the silk pants.

· Soak the silk trousers upside down in cold water and then gently wash by hand. It is recommended to press and wash to avoid damaging the silk fiber structure.

· After a quick wash, take it out directly from the water.

· The silk trousers were laid flat in the shade and waited to dry. (Reject the sun, ultraviolet rays can easily make silk clothes yellow and age)

· No silk detergent, neutral detergent can be used. Occasionally, it can be replaced with a neutral shampoo. (The composition of shampoo is more complicated, and the fabric may age faster if used frequently)

· The silk trousers can not be washed if they are not dirty, just hang them in a ventilated place and wait for the sweat to evaporate. Wash the sweaty silk trousers immediately!

How to remove wrinkles in silk pants ?

After washing: When the silk pants are 70% dry, you can gently smooth them with your hands.

Unwashed: Fill a small watering can with a spray head and spray water on the folds to smooth the folds.

Use an ironing machine: When ironing, let the silk pants dry until 70% dry, and then spray the water mist evenly, wait 3-5 minutes before ironing. The temperature should be controlled below 150°C.

Note: The iron can not directly touch the surface of the silk pants to avoid damage to the fabric. You can spread a layer of damp cloth on the silk pants before ironing.

How to care for and store silk pants ?

The silk material is very delicate, so it is necessary to avoid pulling and twisting to avoid damaging the protein fiber.

When storing silk pants, do not store them with heavy-scented products, especially mothballs are easy to make silk brittle.

It is best to use wide hangers for silk hanging to prevent deformation of silk pants.

Do not store silk pants in a vacuum. It is best to store them in a "rolling method" to avoid creases.

How To Identify Real Silk ?

Use a lighter to burn the edge of the silk material. The real silk does not see an open flame, and has the smell of burning hair. The ashes become black granular, which can be crushed by hand. Simulated silk, such as rayon (viscose), has a paper-burning smell when burned, showing a little off-white ash; burning polyester will cause flames and black smoke, and after the fire is extinguished, it will appear as hard and black beads.


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