How to effectively avoid cashmere pilling?

You purchase a beautiful new cashmere sweater and after a number of wears start to notice those pesky little baubles appearing on the garment. We get it, it's extremely frustrating when your favorite new purchase no longer looks new and beautiful. Unfortunately, even the highest quality wool and cashmere can pill but if you follow our guide, there are ways to prevent it once it has occurred.

Causes of cashmere pilling

Cashmere fiber itself has good toughness. When the surface of the fabric is subjected to severe friction, some loose fibers will gradually separate from the main yarn and spin-off, and become entangled to form a ball.

Cashmere is not easy to pill if the yarn is spun tightly, and vice versa. But in order to ensure the feel, the cashmere yarn cannot be spun too tightly. In addition, different weaving methods also have a certain influence on the pilling degree of cashmere.

It is worth noting that the pilling degree of cashmere is very slight. If there is a large area of pilling, it has seriously affected the appearance and feel, so you should be wary of buying fake cashmere.

How to effectively avoid cashmere pilling?

The main cause of cashmere pilling is friction. If friction can be avoided as much as possible, cashmere pilling can be largely avoided. The following are the five golden rules for wearing cashmere organized by Xiaolu, so as to keep the beloved cashmere sweater away from pilling.

①Wear it next to your body and avoid friction with your inner clothing. At the same time, 100% cashmere also allows you to enjoy the soft skin-friendly texture like a kiss;

② Try not to wear it with hard clothes such as leather clothes and denim. The lining of the coat should be smooth to avoid friction with rough fabrics;

③ Pay special attention to cuffs, elbows, necklines and other parts with more daily friction, and try to reduce friction and pulling with hard objects (such as sleeves and tabletops, shoulders and backpacks) when wearing outside;

④ When wearing cashmere sweaters, you should pay attention to the intermittent period to prevent the fatigue of cashmere products. It is recommended to wear multiple pieces of cashmere clothing in exchange for no more than 2 to 3 days at a time so that the cashmere fiber has a rest period to restore its original shape;

⑤ When wearing cashmere sweaters, you should pay attention to the surrounding environment, so as not to stain the cashmere sweater. Frequent washing will reduce the service life of cashmere.

Cashmere, a special fiber, has its own nobility in its natural simplicity and needs your careful care. The most important thing about cashmere itself is the feeling that the fiber brings to the skin. Its rarity lies in its soft touch and care for the skin. Steps like these are all it takes to maintain the value and extend the life of your favorite cashmere pieces.

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