How to style shirts in summer?

As a long-lasting fashion item, I believe that everyone's wardrobe will have such a shirt or two. Although the entire tailoring is relatively simple, it can create a variety of styles, which can not only give play to the casual features at the same time. It can also create an elegant charm. Today, we will share some summer shirt dressing skills, so that you can exude high fashion charm this summer!

Choose a breathable material

The choice of summer shirts is crucial! Opt for breathable and lightweight materials like linen or cotton for a cool feel while exuding a relaxed, chic vibe.

Bright color embellishment

In summer wear, choose some bright colored shirts to brighten up the overall look! Try a bright yellow, a matte pink or a fresh blue to stand out from the crowd.

Shirt Dress Fashion

Wearing a shirt as a skirt is a popular summer choice! Open the front of the shirt and tie it with a statement belt for an instant chic and feminine look.

White shirt + wide-leg pants

Although the white shirt is classic and elegant, the traditional white shirt also has a sense of restraint and seriousness. As daily wear, you can choose a bolder style. It is more comfortable to choose a v-neck and a one-word collar. With a sense of design, it increases the degree of skin exposure and at the same time can lengthen the line of the neck to obtain a cool and comfortable wearing experience. Combined with the popular puff sleeve elements this year, it has a bit of a noble and romantic atmosphere, and can further modify the lines of the arms. The lower body is matched with light green wide-leg pants. The color is fresh and pleasant, and the age is elegant. Simple, but in fact there are hidden mysteries in the details, all of which show the romantic and elegant fashion charm.

Shirt + suit shorts

Personalized items are not something everyone can control, but a more concise and neat style design is easier to control. With the help of traditional shirt design, it is more stiff and atmospheric, and you can choose half-length sleeves and a loose version. Neutralize the sense of seriousness and show a more casual and lazy taste. Abandon the buttons and choose a pullover directly, which has a more overall sense, looks unique but not ostentatious, and is easy to control. The suit shorts ensure the skin exposure of the overall shape, exposing one's calves is more cool and comfortable while retaining the original capable and neat atmosphere of the suit pants, and also has a neutral and sassy fashion charm.

Bonus points for neckline details

Shirts that pay attention to neckline details can add a sense of luxury to the overall look! Choose a blouse with lace, ruffle or bow tie details to instantly make you the center of attention in style.

Multi-style collocation

Don't limit yourself to traditional formal dress collocation! Try pairing the shirt with casual pieces like jeans, skirts or wide-leg pants for a chic yet elegant summer look.

Don't hesitate! Incorporate these shirting tips into your summer wardrobe and show off your high-fashion charm!