Overview of silk sandwashed fabric

Ordinary silk generally has a satin feel, and of course, it is shiny and reflective. This gorgeous feeling may not be liked by everyone. So water washing process and sand washing process appeared. The purpose is to reduce the luster of the silk fabric so that the silk fabric has a strong sense of nostalgia. The following is a detailed introduction to sand washing fabrics and sand washing processes.

Sand washed fabric

Common fabrics are sand-washed crepe satin and sand-washed crepe de chine. Sand-washed plain crepe satin is based on the plain crepe satin fabric, adding a sand-washing process, which will soften the gloss of plain crepe satin and make it feel soft and waxy. There seems to be a faint layer of hoarfrost on the surface, and the hoarfrost will be more obvious after washing. Sand-washed crepe de chine creates a layer of "white mist" on the surface of the silk crepe de chine through the sand-washing process, and this layer of white mist will become more obvious as the number of washings increases. On the one hand, it is very soft and waxy, with a smooth feeling of fluff. Moreover, after sand washing, the stability of its shrinkage rate is better, and the higher the momme number, the better the drape.

Sand washing process

Sand washing is divided into mild sand washing, moderate sand washing and heavy sand washing. In fact, strictly speaking, sand washing is also a kind of water washing process, but the detergent used for sand washing is alkaline detergent. Simply put, it is to control the water temperature at about 60°-90°C, add a certain amount of detergent, and after about 15 minutes of normal washing, add softener to the clean water to make the fabric softer and more comfortable, visually More natural and cleaner. Generally, according to the length of washing time and the amount of chemicals used, general washing can be divided into light general washing, general washing and heavy general washing. Usually, it takes about 5 minutes for light general washing, about 15 minutes for general washing, and about 30 minutes for heavy general washing.

The sand washing process will make the surface of the sand washed fabric have some fine velvet, and there will be a layer of light white mist. After heavy sand washing, it will feel smooth and soft, strong texture, have good drapability, softer and skin-friendly, and will be very comfortable to wear. comfort. The difficulty of sand washing lies in the uniformity of sand washing, that is, the degree of white hair of the sand washed fabric is uniform, and more white frost effect will gradually appear after washing with water, and the nostalgia will become stronger.

It should be reminded that not all fabrics can be sand washed, especially the thinner silk fabrics below 12 mm. Because sand washing is achieved by destroying the fabric of silk, it will also make the silk thinner to a certain extent, and the tightness between the overall silk and the silk of the fabric will also decrease, so the fabric will be easy to strip or split. For sand washing, it is generally recommended to use thicker fabrics.