What are the tips for matching clothes?

The skill of matching clothes is to look tall and thin and to better show the advantages of your figure. The principle of attention is that the length is very important, the shape should be straight and the neckline should be suitable, the hem should be slit, the shoes should be elongated, the color contrast, and smooth Color matching, color echoing, twenty-eight dressing methods, showing wrists.

1. Length matters

For small people, the length of clothing is very important, and the more friendly length is short and nine points. Generally speaking, it is better to choose a short jacket or top and choose an eighth or ninth length that exposes the ankle for trousers or skirts.

2. The version should be straight

Pay attention to the shape when choosing clothing. The principle of showing height is to reduce the horizontal ratio and lengthen the vertical lines. Then choose a more straight line in the version to directly extend the vertical lines. This style can directly show height.

3. The neckline should be suitable

One point that is easy to overlook in the choice of clothing is the neckline, which seems to be a small detail, but it also plays a decisive role. The choice of neckline follows the principle of "a small collar for coats and a V-neck for inner wear". Because the neckline of the coat is too large or adds a certain sense of volume, a small neckline is more suitable for small people. Needless to say, the V-neck is an "artifact" that makes you look thinner and taller.

4. The hem should be slit

Whether it is a top or a bottom, a small slit on the hem will have the effect of elongating the proportion, especially for the bottom, choose a pair of flared trousers or straight trousers with micro slits, even if the details are "scheming".

5. The shoes elongate the lines

The last is the choice of shoes. The shoes that show the height most are pointed-toe + high heels. Both designs can visually elongate the leg line, and the effect of showing height is very good. Small people can try this kind of pointed-toe + short-heel boots, which are easier to control.

6. Color contrast

For color matching, the first thing to pay attention to is the contrast between colors. For most small people, choosing a color combination with a contrasting color is more friendly than the basic color of the whole body, because the dazzling sense of color makes it easy for people to ignore their height and focus more on the color.

7. Dress in the same color

In terms of color matching, there is nothing more effective than smooth color matching. Such a color combination plays a visually extended role and has a high effect. At the same time, the way of color matching is more beautiful visually and looks more advanced.

8. Color echo

A better choice for matching the same color is the combination of "large area and small area", that is, the two colors are the same, but the areas are different or the positions are far apart. In this way, the sense of echo produced in the collocation will be more attractive. For example, the echo of this red sweater and red shoes is a good combination

9. Twenty-eight dressing method

The simpler way to understand the twenty-eight dressing method is to use the waistline or short tops and high waist bottoms to make the ratio 2:8. This method is recognized as tall and thin. In addition, there is another point that the color distribution method is also selected as 2:8. The proportion of bright colors is 2, and the proportion of basic colors is 8. The overall look will be more comfortable and interesting.

10. Show your wrists

The seemingly inadvertent details may be the key to looking thinner, such as revealing a slender wrist. This is because our "perceptual selectivity" will imagine unknown parts based on known conditions, and the wrist is a relatively thin part of our body, so exposing it will have a slimming effect.