Silk Bra

    ❤  Light, natural and breathable

    ❤  Design for women in pursuit of freedom

    ❤  Adjustable and comfortable, care for health

    ❤  Ultra thin triangle cup, no steel ring, no restraint

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    Measure upper chest

    The upper body is tilted at a 45 degree angle, and the ruler goes around the breast point to obtain the upper chest size.

    Measure lower chest

    The body is erect, with a ruler attached to the breast root, you can obtain size of the lower chest by measuring a horizontal circumference of it.


    Silk Underwear

    ❤  Light, soft and durable

    ❤  Fine workship, firm sewing

    ❤  Double lining, breathable and wear resistant

    ❤  Silk is comfortable and elastic, which is more suitable for underwear

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    Measure waist circumference

    A soft ruler is placed horizontally around the smallest part of the waist to obtain the waist circumference. Meanwhile, please keep the whole body relaxed.

    Measure hip circumference

    Use a soft ruler to make a horizontal circle around the largest part of the hip to obtain the hip circumference.


    Silk is a hypoallergenic material. Therefore, women who wear silk lingerie will never come across any allergic reactions. Compared to other fabrics, silk is super soft and has an airy feeling that surpasses the feeling of other materials.

    When you purchase silk lingerie, you will be able to go ahead and wear your pieces throughout the entire year. During warmer conditions, silk has got the ability to keep your body cool. On the other hand, silk can make you feel warm during the winter season as well.