About Us

Our mission:Create a luxurious, comfortable, fashionable home life. Modern people are busy with work and careers, but often forget to pay attention to the quality of life, especially the quality of sleep. We want everyone who is tired from work to be able to have a good rest when they come home, and silk products can do exactly that, hence the brand was born.

OUR STORY - Making a Difference Step by Step

Realization of an idea

As we know, silk is called the queen of fibers, and because of its scarce output, it is expensive. Our initial idea was to create a comprehensive brand for low-cost and high-quality silk products so that our customers can enjoy the best cost-effective silk products. Therefore, we decided to open our own factory store, and all products will be delivered directly from the factory to customers, greatly reducing costs and giving profits to customers. Fortunately, after our unremitting efforts, our factory shop was completed in 2008. Real silk has a long history and is loved by the public, so we have confidence in real silk. We partnered with local artists from all over China to create unique prints that are a reflection of our travels, adventures, and dreams. Places we have visited, things we dream of representing all those feelings that awaken our wanderlust and spark that desire to start every day with full energy. We insist on selecting the highest quality raw materials from the core production area, insisting on the most cutting-edge design concepts, and perfectly blending the aesthetics of tradition and modernity, classics and fashion, and Eastern and Western.

Started an online shop

In order to realize our desire to serve more people with real silk and make more people love real silk, our online store was officially launched in 2018. We created REAL SILK LIFE to enhance your sleep and help you feel empowered for the challenges a new day will bring. Our aim at REAL SILK LIFE is to help shape a new understanding of the correlation between your sleep quality, your nighttime routine, and the fabric you wear on your skin. Join us on this journey and discover how the perfect night's sleep can help you make your dreams a reality.

Our team

Our team is composed of partners who have different skills and expertise and come from different places. We work together, make progress together, and do our best to serve every customer who trusts us.

Why Silk?

  • Silk can relieve hot flashes that most women face. Hot flashes, that sudden warmth in the face, neck, and chest, are among the most common — and uncomfortable — symptoms of menopause. They’re caused by fluctuating hormones and by a lower threshold for heat that occurs as women age. For women who suffer from this women’s health issue, we suggest you sleeping in light, breathable silk pajamas or on cool silk sheets to help turn down the heat.

  • The tightly woven, smooth fibers of silk help keep moisture close to the skin. When you wake up after sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your face will be better hydrated than if you slept on cotton. This is a great beauty tip for those with dry, flaky skin.

  • In the area of women’s health, new Italian research shows that silk underwear may reduce itching and redness associated with recurrent vaginal yeast infections.

  • People are very rarely allergic to silk. This is because silk is free of any potentially irritating added chemicals and contains natural substances that ward off various environmental allergens (and resulting skin conditions), including dust mites, mold, and fungus.

  • According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health, 30 to 40 percent of Americans have problems sleeping. And experts say that bedding may be at least partly to blame in some of these cases. Sheets that irritate your skin, bunch up, or invite dust mites in will interfere with a good night’s rest. Silk, with all its aforementioned benefits, is the fabric that will dress your bed for the sweetest possible slumber.

  • “There are also pretty good studies showing that what we call ‘sleep wrinkles’ form on the side of your face on which you sleep,” says Jeffrey Spiegel, MD, a facial plastic surgeon, and professor at Boston University. One way to prevent them? Use a silk pillowcase, which is gentler and less likely than cotton to resist the face and cause wrinkles.