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About Us

OUR STORY - Making a Difference Step by Step

REAL SILK LIFE has one mission: to help you sleep better and wake up fully charged.

We spent almost three years visiting factories around the globe, before deciding to work with a boutique in Shanghai, known for its tradition in silk production for over 5,000 years. The boutique was founded by three women who spent the last decades mastering the creation of silk garments, each of which a small piece of art. We partnered with local artists from all over Europe to create unique prints that are a reflection of our travels, adventures, and dreams. Places we have visited, things we dream of representing all those feelings that awaken our wanderlust and spark that desire to start every day with full energy.

"It matters a lot in what we sleep in. We should always wear the best fabrics on our skin" Sophia (co-founder) is passionate about helping you sleep under perfect conditions and finds inspiration for her sleepwear designs in nature and her travels.

"Fulfill your dreams by starting with your own well-being and your sleep." During her previous work in a startup, Estrella (co-founder) started to put more and more emphasis on performance management and sleep. Daily meditation, well-balanced sleep rituals, journaling, and exercising help him to stay on top of day-to-day challenges and to stay energized and motivated for the news.

We created REAL SILK LIFE nightwear to enhance your sleep and help you feel empowered for the challenges a new day will bring. Our aim at REAL SILK LIFE is to help shape a new understanding of the correlation between your sleep quality, your nighttime routine, and the fabric you wear on your skin. Join us on this journey and discover how the perfect night sleep can help you make your dreams a reality.