Are bamboo pillowcases as good as silk?

Silk pillowcases and bamboo pillowcases are both hailed as beauty solutions, but which one is better? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of bamboo and silk pillowcases.

Bamboo and silk pillowcases are made from smoother materials. Your hair and skin glide over them, which reduces tension and pulling during the night. Bamboo and silk pillowcases are also less absorbent, helping your hair and skin retain their natural levels of moisture.

Benefits of Bamboo and Silk 

Both Bamboo and Silk are incredibly smooth and cool against your face, helping you to feel comfortable and fresh all night long.

Both Bamboo and Silk retain their moisture, helping your hair remain frizz-free  that can be irritated by the rough texture of cotton or polyester (this is especially so for those with curly, dry or damaged hair)

Both Bamboo and Silk have a satin-like feel against your face, helping reduce irritation or dry, scratchy skin.

Both Bamboo and Silk are hypoallergenic, meaning they are suitable for people with sensitive skin or those who tend to suffer from allergies.

Both Bamboo and Silk prevent dust mites, meaning they are more durable and better for people with allergies.

Silk has been the most popular option for pillowcases in the past but bamboo is rapidly growing in popularity at the moment. However, the availability of bamboo fabrics has been quite limited in Europe (whereas it has been all over Asia for many years). Luckily, silk pillowcases are easy to find on the market.

We hope we’ve convinced you of the benefits of choosing a silk pillowcase or a bamboo pillowcase! If you try my recommendation for the best pillowcase for hair, let us know! We’d love to see your results.