Are silk pillowcases better for your skin?

They are definitely better for your skin. Let’s explore the reasons.

1. Gives your skin the chance to breathe naturally While your skin does perspire and while certain chemicals can clog your pores and cause acne, skin does not really “breathe” so silk doesn’t really make a difference in this regard.

2. Because moisture levels are being maintained throughout the night, deeper lines and wrinkles are not forming. Moisture loss causes dry scaly skin, not wrinkles. A pillowcase can not stop wrinkles from forming.

3. Different from run-of-the-mill silk pillowcase as it is made from organic silk which contains amino acids, the building blocks of your skin. ALL silk is made of amino acids, so the fact that this silk is organic is completely irrelevant. And the amino acid profile of silk is different than keratin protein, which is what skin is made of. And, even if it were the same, it’s not like the amino acids leap off the pillowcase and attach to your skin.

4. Organic silk also has the same pH balance as your skin. Measuring pH really only makes sense when you’re talking about a water solution. Yes, the skin has an optimal pH balance, but the pH of the fabric you’re sleeping on is really irrelevant.

5. When sleeping on this pillowcase, your night cream is fully absorbed by the skin and won’t rub off like it usually does, therefore allowing the cream to work to maximum effect.