Can you iron silk

Some people fear that taking a hot iron to such a delicate fabric will scorch it, so ‘can you iron silk?’ The good news is that ironing silk without damaging it is possible. The trick is to understand how to iron silk gently to avoid any damage. 

After you’ve washed your silk clothes by hand and squeezed them gently to remove excess water, it’s time to iron them. Turn your silk garment inside out to avoid damaging the front side of your fabric. Lay a small piece of cotton cloth over the area you’re ironing. Some moisture may leak to the cotton fabric from the damp silk. Press the iron around it until you’re satisfied with the result. When you’re done, lift the cotton cloth and place it over the next area you intend to iron. Repeat until your silk garment is perfectly smoothed out and creases-free. Place it on a hanger and allow it to dry for few minutes then wear it or store it.