Differences between Different Basics

Many customers may get confused about our classification of the basics. What are washable pillows and duvets? And is there any difference between the silk-covered and cotton-covered basics?

Firstly, let's find the difference between silk-covered and cotton-covered basics. As the name implies, the shell of cotton-covered pillows and duvets is made of high-quality royal cotton while the shell of silk-covered pillows and duvets is made of 100% 19 momme natural long-strand mulberry silk. Both cotton-covered basics and silk-covered basics can’t be washed by machine because they're filled with pure and natural long strand silk floss.

Washable basics are much different. They can be washed by washing machine as 1. They're covered by 100% natural and breathable cotton. 2. They have two layers of filling: silk liner and polyester inner filling.

And there are many boxes on the cotton shell of washable basics so that the filling can be fixed when washed by machine. Silk covered and cotton covered basics don't have such boxes outside.