Do you prefer nylon, cotton, or silk panties?

Going shopping for panties can be a bit overwhelming given the many options. There are a wide variety of materials including cotton, nylon and silk, just to name a few. It’s hard to choose. Let’s compare and find the best fabric.


Cotton is a strong fiber with a soft hand and high absorbency. It is often printed and can be found in a large array of prints in both knit and woven categories. Cotton fabrics often have a simple, casual look to them that works well for everyday lingerie garments.


Nylon is an extremely strong, elastic fiber that has been popular in women’s lingerie for decades. It is easy to care for and wash, resists stains, and lasts a long time. It is not very absorbent, and the look can be somewhat dowdy depending on how it's used.


A luxurious fiber made from the cocoons of insects, usually mulberry silkworms. Silk is most known for its lustrous finish, rich colors due to high dye absorption, and incredibly soft feel. Despite its delicacy, silk is a very strong fiber.

Winner: Silk

Cleary, our pick here is silk when it comes to the best moisture-wicking fabric for panties. silk can hold 40% of its weight in moisture before even feeling wet. It’s also sweat-wicking, super soft, and deliciously comfortable. These silk panties are the healthiest option you can pick.