How do you wear a silk shirt in the winter?

Silk shirts are a closet staple that works well in every season. Their thin straps and material make them great on their own in hot weather, and adding a few layers and accessories can make them perfect for chilly days, too. Try out a few different ways to wear your silk shirt to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

1. Beneath a Leather Jacket – The basic problem you must solve in wearing any summer outfit in winter is, quite simply, keeping warm. We assure you right now that you’ll not regret pairing your favourite silk shirt with a black leather jacket. Not only will you be warm, but you’ll also be really cool too.

2. On Top of Jeans – We bet your jeans wardrobe is fairly flexible too. So your silk shirt will look great over your perfectly faded blues, and your favourite red skinnies.

3. Layered Out – This is how to style your silk shirt for the coldest of days. Over your favourite turtleneck and black jeans, your silk shirt will still be seen under your matching wool coat. You can make this work even with your heaviest, and warmest, winter boots.

4. For a Winter Wedding – The flexibility of silk shirts can help you style your way out of some fashion jams too. If you’re on the happy couple’s A-list or part of the family, you can style it up with a chic overthrow. And if you’re more on the “Plus 1” end of the spectrum, you can stay comfortable wrapped in a warm knit over the skirt.