How to choose luxurious silk sheets

Lose yourself in luxury when you purchase silk sheets for your new bedding ensemble. Silk is an incredibly durable fabric made from natural fibers. Its shine, shimmer, and smoothness upgrade your bed from eh to wow in one complete bedding set. Indulge now for a lifetime of comfort, but know what it is you're getting into before you buy the silk bedding of your dreams.

How to choose the best silk sheets

Momme (mm): The fabric weight of silk fabrics (it's used instead of thread count). The top-performing silk fabrics in our tests are typically 22 momme or higher. In general, the higher the momme, the more expensive the silk sheets will be.

Mulberry silk: This is considered the highest quality of silk you can find because the fibers are longer and more uniform, making the fabric smoother and more durable.

Satin vs. silk sheets: Satin is the weave, silk is the fiber. Most silk sheets use a satin weave, but you can also find satin sheets made of synthetic polyester fibers. These are typically more affordable and less delicate, but they don't feel as luxurious as real silk and won't have the same cooling properties. If you want real silk sheets, make sure you check the fiber content.