How to get oil out of silk pants

Step 1: Examine Your Item You need to check if you’ve spilled oil on an item that is: White or very pale, with bold pops of color that might bleed Dark or boldly colored, with white lace trim that may discolor A corset Take the silk pants to a trusted dry cleaner and explain the nature of the stain. They’ll take care of it for you. If your item is a solid color, a low-contrast print, or if you’ve washed it by hand before with no problems, head to step 2.

Step 2: Dab the Oil Away Set up an ironing board, or find another flat surface that can be left undisturbed overnight. Place a clean cloth on the board and lay your item out flat, so the stain sits on top with nothing beneath it. If you catch your oil spill fast enough to see that it’s still wet, remove the excess oil first. Using a second clean cloth or paper towel, press the stain to get as much of the oil out as possible. If it’s been a few days and the oil wouldn’t design to come out with a cloth, no worries! Skip straight to step 3.

Step 3: Add Powder Look through your cabinets for the white powder of your choice, like baby powder, baking soda, or even white flour, in a pinch. This will soak up your oil stain. Sprinkle on enough to cover the stain and gently massage it into the fabric. If the powder gets greasy immediately, top it off with a bit more. Then leave it to soak up the oil. It’s best to let the powdered silks sit overnight. In the morning, dust off your silk as much as possible. You’ll probably be left with an odd powdery spot in the shape of the stain.

Step 4: Launder Your Item Follow our tips on silk care and give your silk piece a wash in cool water with an appropriately gentle detergent. Once it’s dry, there’s a good chance your stain will be gone like magic! If it’s not, I recommend trying the process over again. If it’s still there after two tries, a dry cleaner will be able to help out. Just be sure to let them know how you’ve treated the stain so far.