How to style a button down shirt

What do you think of button-downs? Well, I know it’s a polished top that is usually worn with blazers and suits, but do you use it in your everyday life, except during working hours? Today I want to draw your attention to 8 awesome ways how to style your button-down shirtYou will find here something that will make you wanna create something similar.

1. Tie It Into a Crop Top
Tucked in and buttoned up, this outfit is ready for the boardroom; unbuttoned and tied up, it's ready for a night out. If you need an outfit that will transition easily from day to night, this is it.

2. Layer It Under a Summer Dress
As the seasons begin to change, we tend to forget just how easy it is to repurpose our summer wardrobes by layering them with other items. So don't put your slip dress away just yet. Make it office-appropriate and cool weather-friendly with a button-down underneath.

3. Let It Hang Off Your Shoulders
Another easy way to make a button-down feel fun in the evening is by undoing a few of the top buttons and sliding them off your shoulders. Do a half-tuck into your favorite pair of jeans and call it a night.

4. Pair It With a Pantsuit
A pantsuit is the oxford shirt's natural habitat. Paired with a plaid matching set, it will feel more modern and stylish but just as crisp, making it ideal for conservative and creative offices alike.

5. Tied at the Waist with a Skirt
A tucked-in white button-down can easily come off too corporate-looking, which is why I’ll often tie mine at the waist. This works on top of any skirt or dress – and makes this classic piece feel much more trend forward.

6.Buttoned Over Leggings
If you’re looking for chic weekend attire, try styling an oversized white button-down shirt on top of leggings. This simple combination looks incredibly chic with booties, flats, or heels. If it feels too basic, you can always pile on accessories like a trendy fedora.

7. With A Moto Jacket
Edgy details are an easy way to usher the white button-down top into the spotlight. Whether it’s a leather jacket or some faux leather pants, they’re my go-to for the ultimate transitional look.

8. Underneath A Blazer
Outerwear can also transform this staple. If you need to balance out more casual bottoms like distressed denim, just add a blazer for a sophisticated touch.