How to use a silk night cap

Sleeping caps, or hair bonnets, are a type of head covering worn during the night to protect your tresses as you toss and turn. Typically made from silk. One of the most essential hair care items in your arsenal should be a silk sleeping cap. If for no other reason, you should invest in a quality sleeping cap to protect hairstyles from coming undone, whether you've paid for an updo, braids, a blowout, or curls. The cap can prevent your 'do from getting messy, frizzy, and undone. So how to use a silk nightcap. Pls follow the steps below:

1. Flip head upside down

2. Hold the nightcap open with both hands

3. Hook the nightcap at the nape of your neck

4. Stretch the nightcap downwards, over the length of your hair

5. Press the ends of your hair up towards your scalp to gather it into the nightcap

6. Situate the night and ensure all hairs are tucked in