Is silk bed sheets better?

Some people wonder that is silk bed sheets better than other materials?

The article lists the benefits of the silk sheet to compare in the following:

1: Silk Fabric Can Absorb Sweat and Draw Moisture Away From Sleepers

Waking up drenched in sweat is not a pleasant experience, which is why many hot sleepers choose sheets that can absorb some excess sweat and help keep them dry. Fabrics that are naturally absorbent tend to work best. While cotton is infamous for being particularly absorbent, silk also absorbs moisture incredibly well. 

Factor #2: The Breathability of Silk Can Help Reduce Heat Insulation

Airflow is an important aspect to consider when trying to sleep comfortably. Sheets, blankets, and mattresses that restrict or reduce airflow can make sleepers feel hot. While heat transfer spreads heat out across surfaces or through materials, thick fabrics can actually cause the opposite to happen.

Factor #3: Silk Sheets Can Help Keep Hot Sleepers Stay Cool

Natural silk sheets and mixed fabric silk sheets are both capable of reducing nighttime discomfort caused by heat. Silk can absorb moisture to help keep sleepers dry, and it is also breathable enough to allow sweat to evaporate. 

Silk sheet has many excellent characteristics to attract people to choose it.