What bra to wear under silk shirt

The best choice is a T-shirt Bra. Despite its name, this style isn’t just the best bra for T-shirts. Since they’re designed for no visible bra lines, you can wear them with virtually any top, even sheer blouses, and shirts made of thinner fabrics.
Since one of the main benefits of a T-shirt bra is its ability to stay invisible under clothes, a perfect fit is the #1 thing you should look for in your T-shirt bra. If you find your cups gape or allow overflow, you’ll lose the “seamless” benefits of the bra altogether. Another pro tip: opt for a shade that’s closest to your skin tone if you’re wearing a sheer or white top.
T-shirt bras work well with most breast shapes but are especially recommended for Athletic, Bell Shape, and Relaxed breasts. These shapes could benefit from this style’s ability to naturally lift and even out the fullness.
Not sure where to start? Our silk seamless sports bras are our best-selling style, the silk fabric is smooth and soft, exerting a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorbing and helping to remove sweat and secretions from the skin, keeping the skin clean. Not to mention, it’s available in our exclusive half-cup sizes for the perfect fit.
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