What is cashmere made of

Cashmere is made from the longest and softest belly fur that the Mongolian cashmere goat grows for the winter. Meaning, each of these rare goats only produces a little bit of cashmere only once per year. It’s a gentle practice, whereby the fur is actually combed out as it’s starting to shed, in the early springtime. So, you could say a cashmere sweater is secondhand, as the goat got to enjoy it for a season first. In comparison to sheep's wool, the annual production of wool is over 300 times that of cashmere globally. Therefore, cashmere is an incredibly finite resource, and it is so important to us that we manufacture it ethically and share it with the world responsibly. By making only staple goods that are designed and guaranteed to last for a lifetime, we are offering a responsible alternative to fast fashion and cheaply made cashmere.