What is oeko-tex certified

Oeko-Tex® is a worldwide association of independent research and testing institutes for product safety and sustainable production in the textile industry. Oeko-Tex® was introduced in 1992 and is used for testing and certification of textile products.

Textile products are awarded the STANDARD 100 Certification if, on the basis of the extensive OEKO-TEX® criteria catalog, they have been successfully tested by one of the OEKO-TEX® partner institutes for chemicals that pose a health risk, and therefore contribute to effective consumer protection.

This means that for a product to be certified and allowed to carry the STANDARD 100, each and every component is tested: From zippers and buttons to linings and sewing thread.

The certification system is in many cases more comprehensive and strict than required by national and international standards. So Oeko-Tex® is aiming to be one step ahead. The criteria change consecutively according to new results within medical science. The limit values are updated each year.

Certification is valid for 12 months, and the International Oeko-Tex® Association control tests each year, at least 25% of all issued certificates by performing the sampling. Oeko-Tex® also controls the product once a year in collaboration with the product owner to make sure it still fulfills the requirements.