What's the point of a duvet cover?

Having a duvet cover in place can protect your expensive comforter from regular washes. Covering your down comforter with a duvet cover offers protection from body oil, make-up, and any other items that could make contact with it? Duvet covers act as the outer layer of protection for your duvet or comforter just like pillows cases do for your pillows, sometimes they are even referred to as giant pillowcases.

Any type of duvet or comforter can be used as an insert for the duvet cover of your choice. Even though the name can lead you to believe that they are only meant for duvets, ‘duvet’ is actually the French word for ‘comforter’ so technically they can also be called comforter covers.

Both duvets and comforters are filled with warm insulating materials that provide you with superb comfort through the night. It keeps you warmer than just a plain blanket does, as the insulation actually holds the heat in much better, encapsulating the warmth within. What’s great about duvets is they can be tailored to suit what kind of sleeper you are, by just switching the insulation material inside. Duvet covers can assist with this insulation process, helping to entrap that heat around you, or giving it a cooling effect when the sheets are thinner and allow the heat to more easily escape. They do all this while also providing the soft feel of the fabric you enjoy.

What’s better than cuddling up on a cold winter day under my warm duvet, with a really nice fuzzy fleece duvet cover on it!