Where to buy silk fabric

Originating in China over 5000 years ago, silk is a natural fiber harvested from moth caterpillars. Luxurious, smooth, and soft, silk fabric is highly elastic and wrinkle resistant. Silk fabric is both breathable and absorbent in the heat and insulating in the cold. Elegant, flowy, and wholesale-priced, we offer silk fabric in a variety of colors and mommes. Our silk charmeuse fabric possesses not only the finest aesthetics but retains the fluid sophistication most sought after in silk fabrics. At the top of its class, Charmeuse Fabric is a satin weave that allows this fabric to retain a soft feel and supple drape that most high-end designers crave. this fabric has many applications as it is composed of both a shiny face on one side and a matte face on the other. There are so many uses for silk fabric including,  Lining, dress, evening dress, short sleeves, Bohemian dress, skirt, silk scarves and so much more. Do you want to add some flair to your bedroom or living room? Click here, for an awesome DIY journey.