Which is better a silk or satin pillowcase?

Choosing the right pillowcase is more important than you might think for your sleep quality and for your skin. But which is better for you - a silk or satin pillowcase?

What Is Silk? Silk is a luxurious, decadent fabric, and Hill believes we should treat our hair with the same mindset: Hair fibers are our own unique luxurious fabric, spun from our head. "Silk is beneficial to the hair because it is a breathable fabric allowing circulation and preventing the moisture from night sweats from getting trapped at the root of the hair," says Hill." It also helps to minimize the friction between our hair fibers and cotton fabrics. The texture of the fabric helps to retain the natural shine and freshly blown out and styled hair."

What Is Satin? Blending satin with synthetic fabrics can result in fabrics that can be much more flexible and smoother than real silk, which is a great benefit to hair and scalp. "Satin is much more forgiving, as it moves with the hair which reduces the friction between the hair fiber and the pillowcase or surface," explains Hill. Satin also provides the same benefits as silk: It is hypoallergenic, less absorbent, and breathable. SO WHICH SHOULD I CHOOSE - A SILK OR SATIN PILLOWCASE?

If your budget can stretch to it, a silk pillowcase is superior to a satin one when it comes to benefits for your hair and skin. They can generally help to reduce frizz and hair breakages and to keep your skin looking its best. When deciding between a silk or satin pillowcase, it really comes down to price. If you are happy to splurge for the sake of better beauty sleep, then your best option is a silk pillowcase.

A satin pillowcase is a great option if you can't justify the price of a silk one, as it still offers some great skincare and haircare benefits over a cotton pillowcase for example.

Whether you choose to invest in a silk or satin pillowcase, you will certainly see a positive impact on your skin, hair, and sleep.