Why sleeping on silk or satin sheet is good for your skin

From improving your skin to helping you sleep better, silk or satin sheets offer many health benefits. Let’s dig into them.

Silk has a well-earned reputation for pampering hair and skin; providing a comfortable night's sleep; and benefitting overall wellness. The experts are to weigh in on all the wonderful things sleeping on silk sheets can do for you:

  • Preventing hair breakage, bedhead, tangles, and frizz
  • Helping hair and skin retain moisture
  • Minimizing sleep wrinkles
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Fighting allergies and irritation

and much more, including feeling more luxurious than any fabric on earth.

We've often heard it recommended that you should sleep on satin sheets, as they carry a wide range of benefits for your body.

  • Satin sheets are also preferable for your hair. Since satin is smoother, it reduces static and tangling in your hair.
  • Since satin is smooth and soft, it also encourages you to fall asleep quicker (since you don't have to put up with itchy or coarse sheets).
  • Satin sheets are cooler, and since they don't trap your body moisture, they do not get clammy or stick to the skin, thus allowing you to get better rest.
  • Satin sheets do not retain dust, mites, or bacteria, which improves the quality of your sleep, as well as the air you breathe during the night.